It all started…

Our company was formed in 2012 with a clear vision to redefine service in the metal service centre industry. We felt the bar should be far higher with customers able to access far more grades of materials processed into near nett shape pieces from a single source quickly and with complete reliability. Simply put,

“To re-define service through superior technology, cost and culture”

We have grown profitably every year since and now offer 24 grades of material, from stock, and 18 processing machines in house. We work round the clock to insure fast lead times and are proud to have grown into the largest stainless plate processor in the UK.

Our staff posses an unparalleled level of experience in our sector. From the start of the process our CAD team using the latest CAD technology through our experienced sales team who will advise the lowest cost processing solution for your requirements to our finishing team you will sense in all interactions with us that “We Care More”

Steel Dynamics UK today supply everything from a single profile to complex supply chain solutions delivering multiple processed parts delivered to multiple sites, in multiple countries, on a JIT system. All designed to deliver you a lower cost product or solution for your steel requirements

If you have a challenge or problem in procuring your material please call us and put our expertise on your side


Why us?

Simply put we care more and believe you will feel that when you interact with any person in our business.

Customers choose us not only because of our extensive range of steels, but because of our ability to deliver on their requests and cater for each of their needs. Whether they require laser cutting, waterjet cutting, plasma or hi definition plasma cutting or require a materials management programme that spans the globe.

We are a one-stop-shop for your metals requirements and can offer many advantages such as having the ability to offer multiple grades and processes from one supplier. All material is EU origin and fully certified from the major manufacturers including Arcelor, Acerinox, Outokumpu & Bohler. We also ensure our material is certified to a number of different specs including ASTM, ASME, Norsok and Shell.

Our values

Our values make us what we are and we believe what makes us different too.

We lead from behind and put others to the front and attain to be the best provider we can in our customers eyes. We promote a positive environment where our people are inspired to better themselves every day and build belief in our brand by taking ownership and accountability for their actions.

We’re curious. We want to listen, learn and never assume and always understand our client’s requirements and challenges.


Our network of long-standing suppliers and our attitude towards building a winning network of customers, helps us create lasting value. This, reinforced by using the very best in processed steel on every order, every time with tried and tested processed allows us to be fast paced, responsive and efficient.

At our heart is our people. We’re committed in heart and mind, never putting off what can be done today and we always treat others as we would want to be treated in return. It’s our people which are time served and specialist in their field that help us deliver outstanding service, a considered, safe environment and the belief behind our name the ‘we are the best in what we do’

FastTrack Service – On time or its free!

The central aim of our company vision is to be world class in the eyes of our customers. With a multi-million pound investment strategy in the latest processing technology we are at the forefront of both technological advances as well as having an enviable reputation for delivering bespoke materials packages on time in full. At Steel Dynamics we don’t just sell steel we sell service.


Our average lead time is 3-4 days and we are 98%+ on time. Significant investments in inventory and a very flexible supply chain allow us to react to spikes in demand. We supply a very diverse range of industries and understand the challenge most companies face in having a reliable partner to supply their metal needs. Lost production days can be damaging to both your image and bottom line but our FastTrack service comes with a very unique promise – On time or it’s free!*

*Conditions apply.

Operating 24 hours a day…

Every day we will ship an average of 40 orders all over the country, 98% of those orders are delivered on time in full to our customers requirements.

We use approx 6,000 units of electricity each day and laser cut over 4,000 parts per day ranging in thickness 1mm – 25mm. Our Water-Jets will utilise 1000 kilograms of garnet every day, whilst our Lasers will consume 3000 Litres of Nitrogen per day.

We usually recycle over 3000 kgs of stainless steel per day. We will pick and process 75 plates across 10 different grades of material and 4,500 linear meters per day of metal will be cut.

Our dedicated sales team have impressive industry knowledge and a supplier base
of manufacturers that spans the globe.

Let us help you source any grades, which aren’t readily available – call or email.