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The Automotive division of the business was formed in 2019 to utilise the impressive range of technology we have and the industry knowledge we have gained. Working with clients from OEMs to T1/T2/T3 supplier to the industry as partners. We believe in the growth of the industry and know we can provide components to suit requirements for body structure, interior and powertrain.



With an in depth understanding of the PPAP/APQP procedures , we know we can provide accurate, quality components to your business or track side exactly when they are needed and at the right price. We will continue to work towards our IATF-16949 certification. We are also a member of the Society of Motor Manufactures and Traders ( SMMT ).


Our dedicated sales team have impressive industry knowledge and a supplier base
of manufacturers that spans the globe.

Let us help you source any grades, which aren’t readily available – call or email.